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It’s called Winchester. It smells like gunpowder and leather. Do with that information what you will.

Scent History

Sarah Lockwood Winchester inherited 50% of Winchester Repeating Arms Company upon her husband, William Winchester’s death. While it made her one of the wealthiest women in the world at the time it’s believed that a famous medium told her she was cursed by the people who were killed by the Winchester Rifle. Adam Coons, the medium, told her that the angry spirits demanded she move to California, and build them a house. According to the lore, she began hosting nightly seances to get building instructions from the spirits in order to pacify them.


8.5-ounce black glass candle – 55 hours of approximate burn time. Soy wax blend, with clean fragrance oils, and natural, braided cotton wicks. Each candle is specially formulated to help remove pet, cooking, and other household odors from the air.

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