• Company

    Arkæologi – The Danish word for archaeology -- [ˌɑːkεoloˈgiˀ]

    ARKAEOLOGI, LLC, was founded in 2021, it’s a small business located in Windermere, Florida.

  • Mission Statement

    By combining our love for archaeology and great storytelling, Arkæologi captures the spirit of yesterday in order to craft beautifully scented candles for the customer of today.

  • Core Values

    1 – Quality – we believe in creating exceptionally crafted products for our customers.

    2 – Community – we believe in treating everyone with kindness, respect, and empathy.

    3 – Sustainability – we believe in limiting waste by using 100% recyclable packaging, as well as suggesting our customers find ways to repurpose their candle vessels.

Our Story

Once upon a time… A plucky mother-daughter duo started a business – together… 

We began with a very simple concept – high-quality, beautifully scented candles.  Taking that concept further, we wanted our candles to not only elevate our customer’s space but be useful too.  That’s when we decided that all our formulas would be odor-eliminating.

The concept for our branding came from our desire to bring history and mythology to life through scent.  That’s how Arkæologi was born.

The first year was spent in research and development, not only blending custom scents until they were just right, but also sourcing quality raw materials, and creating our brand story.

We started with three distinct collection – Archives, Hellenes, and Viking.  Each collection, and the scents within them tell a story.  Within the first month, our odor-eliminating candles caught the attention of our very first retail partner.  It led to us creating our Anubis Pet product line, which includes candles and all-natural pet sprays based on mythological creatures.  These products can now be found in multiple pet stores and our all-natural pet sprays are used in grooming facilities too.  We’re very proud of this collection because we enjoy knowing our products are helping pet parents.

In our second year we added our fourth Arkæologi collection – Cursed.  In addition to our love for archaeology, we love all things spooky too, so a scent collection based on haunted places and cryptids seemed like the perfect fit.  When we created this collection, we had no idea one of the scents would become an overnight bestseller, but it’s our most popular scent to date, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  

We’ve experienced slow and steady growth, ramping up production as required.  We now have several retail partners, some who use Arkæologi branded products, others we private label for, and some use a combination of the two.  In addition to our retail partners, we sell direct to consumer through our website, attend larger festivals, and still do our local farmer’s market when time allows.  

Our following is exceptionally loyal, we have wonderful customers who not only purchase from us regularly but bring their friends and family too… Something we are so thankful for.

Our Customers

Our core customer is someone who appreciates accessible luxury goods.  We’ve found that our customers come from a wide range of demographics.  Some initially gravitate towards our brand because of their interest in history and mythology, but others simply want pleasantly scented candles with a clean aesthetic.  The one thing all our customers have in common – they want things that bring them joy.

Our Products

Arkaeologi University Library scented candle in a black tin jar on a green shelf with books and maps.

We offer a wide range of candles in multiple price points.  Our 6.8 oz. black tin is our most popular seller.  Our customers often purchase two to three of them at a time in a variety of scents.  Our second most popular size is our 12 oz. Sort Glass, it’s a larger black glass vessel, which is often purchased by a repeat customer, who enjoys a specific scent, or someone who is purchasing a gift.  Our third bestseller is our Artifact Nuance, our customers enjoy the slight pop of color, and reusability of our concrete vessels.

Arkaeologi Medusa scented candle in a large snake shaped concrete candle jar used as a planter for a green vine plant, on a white shelf.

6.8 oz. Black Tin with Artifact Tag Label - $18
8.5 oz. Classic Glass in Box - $32
12 oz. Sort Glass in Box - $48
8 oz. All-Natural Pet Spray - $16 

Concrete Candles – each of our concrete candle vessels are handcrafted by us and eco-water sealed, so they can be repurposed as vases and/or small planters.

6 oz. Artifact Nuance - $24
20 oz. Medusa Artifact - $106

We source our raw materials from other small to mid-sized businesses around the United States. Our base fragrance oils are certified clean, perfume grade, and we source them from six different suppliers to create our custom scent blends. Our wax is a proprietary blend we mix in-house. We do this due to the temperature in Florida and the possible range of temperatures our candles will go through during the shipping process.

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