About Us

    Hidden in a secret office, only known as ‘The Archives’ a team of time-traveling archaeologists explore space and time in order to curate the most perfect candle collections.

    Most of the time, everything goes according to plan, though there have been instances where our archaeologists accidentally bring back more than scents… Like Tom, poor, poor Tom. Turned to stone by Medusa, horrible accident, truly. We've since postponed all time travel tours. You have our word; we’re working tirelessly to return him to his human state, but until then, he makes an excellent decoration, coat rack, what-have-you.

    Due to the nature of our work, our archaeologists will remain anonymous, choosing only to be referred to as Professor A (yes, A is for Archaeologist), though you can reach out to our Curators at any time.

    We are no longer offering time-traveling tours to civilians at this time.  Nor can we fulfill special requests to deliver messages to your dearly departed relatives in a time when they were of the living.  And no, we will not give you the winning lottery numbers – that’s unethical.  We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.