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The cooler notes of this scent will wash over you like waves in a cerulean colored sea. The added hint of leather and black pepper makes for a most intriguing combination.

Scent History

Son of Cronus and Rhea, Poseidon helped Zeus overthrow the Titans to become the Greek God of the sea. Poseidon is often depicted with his trident, which he uses to control the waters, and cause earthquakes. Even though he was thought to be ill-tempered and vengeful, sailors would often pray to him for safe passage.


3.4-ounce Travel Fragrance

This dual-purpose fragrance is perfect for the adventurer on the go. Use it as a perfume/cologne or room/linen spray.

Each thoughtfully blended fragrance is hand-crafted by our team. Use these scents individually, or layer them to create a scent that’s uniquely you.

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