We're so excited that you're considering carrying our products in your store! This page contains key information on becoming one of our retail partners. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

  • Our Suppliers

    All our items are sourced directly from suppliers in the US, this includes everything from our candle wicks to our fragrance oils, and packaging. Our glass vessels and home fragrance bottles are sourced locally as well. Each of our Artifact vessels are made by hand in our facility.

  • Our Scents

    Every scent is custom blended in-house to create a luxury olfactory experience. As you burn our candles, or spray our home fragrance, you’ll pick up a variety of complex notes as the scent moves through the air. All fragrance oils are 100% phthalate free. Each candle is specially formulated to help remove pet, cooking, and other household odors from the air.

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Order Minimums

First Order
○ $200
○ Four items per scent

○ No minimum for standard vessels or scents.


○ We will occasionally limit the purchase of scents based on geographical location to create exclusivity for our retail partners.

○ Any custom scents created in partnership with your company will always be exclusive to you. We reserve the right to reuse the scent if you do not place an order every six months.


Arkæologi Products
○ 50% off MSRP
○ Paid in full upon delivery.

Custom Products
○ 50% deposit, full balance due at time of delivery.
○ See below for additional information on custom vessel and label pricing.

Return Policy

Due to the handmade, small batch nature of our products, we do not accept returns.

Arkæologi Products

These products are those that we sell on online.
They will be labeled the same as those we sell retail.

The Traveler

Wholesale: $9 | Suggested Retail: $18

○ 6.8-ounce candle in a black tin.

○ 50 hours of approximate burn time.

Artifact Nuance

Wholesale: $12 | Suggested retail: $24

○ 6-ounce candle in handmade colorful concrete vessels.

○ 50 hours of approximate burn time.

The Classic

Wholesale: $16 | Suggested retail: $32

○ 8.5-ounce candle in clear glass.

○ 55 hours of approximate burn time.

Sort Glass

Wholesale: $24 | Suggested retail: $48

○ 12-ounce candle in black glass.

○ 70 hours of approximate burn time.

  • Archives

    A collection of six custom-blended luxury scents that’ll take you through a day in the life of an archaeologist.  From the university library to an excavation site, a break for afternoon tea in a royal garden, and finally the much-deserved nightcap.

  • Hellenes

    A collection of three custom-blended luxury scents reminiscent of archaeological sites in ancient Greece and their mythological creatures. Travel to the top of Mount Olympus, explore caves where Medusa may have dwelled, and sit in on one of Plato’s famous lectures.

  • Vikings

    A collection of three custom-blended luxury scents that’ll have you dreaming of a breathtaking winter landscape. Set sail on a new adventure with the Norsemen, and when all is said, and done, go to the place where all heroes and heroines long to go – Valhalla.

  • Cursed

    A collection of three custom-blended luxury scents that’ll give you goosebumps. Walk through the New Jersey Pine Barrens on a hunt for the Jersey Devil, take a leisurely stroll through the French Quarter, or climb to the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Custom Products

We know every store is different, and we want the products you order to be perfect for your customers, so we offer many customization options.

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Arkæologi will gladly create bespoke scents for your company.

Custom scented candles will have an upcharge of $2 per candle. In addition to the upcharge per candle, there will be a one-time scent creation fee for any orders under $1000. This is to cover the time and costs associated with creating custom-blended fragrances.

Once the scents are created and approved by you, they will be exclusive to your brand as long as you continue ordering from Arkæologi on a regular basis.


Basic Custom labeling using your company logo and/or artwork but designed by our art director will be an additional $1 per candle to cover the cost of printing the custom labels.

Designer labels created by our art director will be an additional $2 per candle to cover the cost of printing the custom labels in multiple colors. there is a one-time art fee to be discussed based on the complexity of the design.


The price of custom vessels varies depending on your specific wants and needs. Please contact our lead curator to discuss your bespoke candle options.

  • Custom Scent

    traveler $11

    classic $18

    sort $26

  • Custom Label

    traveler $10

    classic $17

    sort $25

  • Designer Label

    traveler $11

    classic $18

    sort $26

  • Custom Scent + Custom Label

    traveler $12

    classic $19

    sort $27

  • Custom Scent + Designer Label

    traveler $13

    classic $20

    sort $28

  • Contact Information

    Email: leadcurator@arkaeologi.com

    Phone: (407)-501-7952