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A fruity scent inspired by the nectar of the gods; perfect for spring and summer.

Scent History

Food, drink, or perfume? In Greek mythology Ambrosia was possibly all three. In one tale, it was fruit, only created after the untimely death of a wood nymph. Regardless, it’s believed to be what granted Gods and Goddesses their youth and immortality.


3-ounce Travel Fragrance

This dual-purpose fragrance is perfect for the adventurer on the go. Use it as a perfume/cologne or room/linen spray.

Each thoughtfully blended fragrance is hand-crafted by our team. Use these scents individually, or layer them to create a scent that’s uniquely you.

Shipping & Returns

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Due to the handmade, small batch nature of our products, we do not offer returns or exchanges at this time.  However, if there's an issue with your item, please contact us, and we'll gladly replace it.

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